Property Maintenance & Repair

Making Properties in Central New Jersey Beautiful

Most projects begin with the dirty work of removing and demolishing old structures and overgrown landscaping.

We are a one-stop source from start to finish for your landscaping and construction projects. We can handle everything from the original demolition to a maintenance program to keep your landscaping looking great.

yard-maintenanceLawn and Landscape Maintenance

Getting tired of all that yard work? We don’t just specialize in making beautiful landscaped properties. Wainwright’s Landscape can also help you with your seasonal clean up in the spring and fall.

Professional Horticultural Services

We can remove and replace damaged or diseased trees and shrubs on your property and replace them with certified pest and disease-free plants and trees. We can renovate your overgrown or outdated landscapes, pruning, feeding, install mulch, stone and topsoil. Seasonal flower plantings will add a splash of color to your landscape.

Landscape Buffers

Would you like additional privacy on your property? Let Wainwright’s Landscape design and install buffer plantings for you.

Paver Patio Restoration and Repair

Do you have an aging paver patio or walkway that is in need of cleaning and repair? Do you have unsightly weeds, low spots, settlement, cracked or broken pavers? Wainwright’s professional team will power-wash, make repairs, reset any settled pavers and apply “new” polymeric joint sand to revive that old patio and make it look new again.

Sealing your pavers restores color, adds a protective layer to the surface, stabilizes the joints and is environmentally friendly. With many finishes available, let Wainwright’s quote your cleaning and sealing needs.

drainageDrainage Solutions

Controlling water flow is the single most important aspect in your landscape or outdoor living area. Whether your problem is water from your downspouts, surface run-off from your property or neighboring property, low-spots in your yard, Wainwright’s can offer many drainage solutions to prevent costly damage and repairs. There are many storm water management solutions involving water flow and storage products and proper grading of the property.

The most important aspects of drainage are:

  • Controlling the water flow
  • Downspouts installed and directed correctly
  • Maintaining surface run-off of water
  • Quality Landscaping
  • Contain run-off from solid surfaces like driveways and patios.


Do you have an unwanted or outdated above-ground pool, deck or out building, brush or debris piles, unsightly concrete or asphalt?

  • Removal of pools, decks, concrete and asphalt
  • Small buildings, old sheds
  • Curbing, foundations, footings
  • Land clearing and grading

Wainwright’s can help you with all of your demolition and disposal needs.